Interview- Rising Through Resilience: Danny Vann of Aging Out Academy On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient During Turbulent Times

Don’t panic. We tend to feel like all is lost and that we need to shut down in order to digest what has happened and take a pause so we can get out of our emotional mindset. When we are in fight-or-flight mode, our logical, thinking process shut down.  

“WHAT ARE WE MISSING?” Medium Published Article

WHAT ARE WE MISSING? Einstein took almost 10 years to ponder and think through the possibilities before he finally arrived at his theory of relativity — he was only 26 years old. (see How Did Albert Einstein Come up With E=mc²? ( Pasteur discovered penicillin….Franklin harnessed electricity with a kite. Da Vinci made a small engine hundreds…

Preparation For Independence

Preparation for Independence! By Danny Vann, FCs More than just a Declaration of your Desires, you need to prepare for life on your own (after Foster Care.) You really CAN exercise your right of freedom and pursue your own happiness… there are things you should DO NOW to help you get there. Here is a…

Aging Out Academy Launching Soon

Fearful Foster Youth have a new advocate to help them prepare for independent living as they migrate out of the safety of Foster Care to living on their own. Danny Vann, Foster Care Survivor, author, mentor and motivational speaker, has created a new online webinar series to help prepare future Aging Out Youth for their…

Published Article on Foster Care Institute

Who is my mom? Who is my dad? Where is my home? Guest Blog -Danny Vann​ Many youth in the foster care system ask these questions daily. They are confused, lost and traumatized by all of the chaos and constant changes in what should be their stable family of origin….