“99 Days of 100% Encouragement”

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Need some #encouragement to help motivate you in 2023? This new book is endorsed by John DeGarmo, Ed.D. Keynote Speaker, TED Talk Speaker and Diane Cox and many other advocates for traumatized youth and adults alike.
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Diane Cox CEO Just in Time for Foster Youth

I like everything about Danny Vann’s book, 99 Days of 100% Encouragement. At Just in Time, with 65% of our staff having lived experience in foster care, our focus is on transformative change. So, we’re very drawn to Danny’s book because every page presents a powerful, transformational message with an affirmation (say it) and a call to action (share it). The unique, playful, and colorful graphics delight the eye while the message feeds the soul.

Diane Cox Co-Founder Just in Time for Foster Youth

Dr. John DeGarmo

“A great book! I am excited for others to read this important book, as there are so many life lessons in it, life lessons for all of us.”

John DeGarmo, Ed.D
Foster Care Institute

Jon Baker

I loved Danny’s book “99 days of 100% encouragement”, just taking one day at a time with one simple message each day.  I’ve never been one for loads of motivational messages and pictures, although at the right time, in the right amount, they are very powerful. If you’re ready for a bit of inspiration and needing a bit of encouragement, it’s time for this book. Read the day’s quote and reflect on it, “how can I use this message today”. Good luck in your journey and happy reading. Jon Baker (Author of “Running Meetings that make things happen”., Swanage, England)

Jon Baker

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